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Middle Path’s mission is to raise awareness about world cultures by sharing some of their traditional wisdom through contemporary educational media. Middle Path Media (MPM) is a hub for independent musicians, artists and producers. We practice fair trade with the artists and musicians that we work with, many of whom are our teachers and friends. MPM believes in fostering lasting relationships based on mutual respect.

Founded in 2001 by Mario de Juan, Middle Path Media, (formally Lila Music) has evolved from a small independent record company to a full production and distribution company that serves as a resource for a growing community of international artists.

MPM represents artists and musicians who are recognized as masters of their art, both at home and abroad. We personally travel the globe to places like Guinea and Mali in West Africa, and Cuba, Haiti and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean to work with and document people in their homeland. This helps us convey as authentically as possible the cultures and circumstances in which these artists live and create. We work collaboratively with many of these artists to create media that is accurate and informative as well as pleasing to the senses.

All of our CDs are recorded in the field, giving them a certain vibrancy that can only be captured with a live recording. The liner notes are entertaining educational booklets filled with rich photos and simple yet informative text, which help establish a context for the music and a connection to its source.

We serve as a cultural outlet for the public by providing high quality educational media. From conception to distribution, we offer full production services for your independent media project.

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True wisdom is universal.

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